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Make sure your home or workplace is safe with mold testing services from the experts at Prokop Environmental.   We are not here to sell you repairs and we don't do mold remediation work.  We are simply an unbiased independent testing firm that will tell you if you in fact have a mold issue and provide a recommendation of how to remediate your mold problem if you have one.  We will provide you with consulting services at no additional cost  and can also perform a recommended post remediation verification (PRV) test to make sure the repairs were performed correctly.  The mold assessment and testing services provided by Prokop Environmental, LLC will ease your mind about the safety of your indoor environment.

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A Mold-Free Environment

If you are living or working in a property that has had water damage, visible mold growth, black mold, or musty or mildewy odors you very well could have a mold issue. Prokop Environmental, LLC experts will hold an interview with you while touring your property and complete a full inspection including moisture mapping, temperature and humidity reading, as well as air, swab, and tape lift sampling as needed.  All data including laboratory analysis of samples collected will be compiled and used to determine if there is an existing mold issue at the subject property.

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