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You should always test for asbestos before removing or disturbing popcorn or other ceiling and wall textures, linoleum, vinyl sheet or tile flooring and many other common building materials


Asbestos Testing and Lead Paint Detection

Maintain an environmentally safe home and workplace with asbestos testing and lead paint detection from Prokop Environmental LLC.   It is a Colorado state law and EPA federal law that you must test surfacing material such as drywall and it's associated texture and joint compound and many other suspect asbestos containing building materials prior to any renovation, remodel, or disturbance of such material.  You can trust Prokop Environmental to keep you safe and within compliance of local, state and federal regulations.  

How it works:

Our certified asbestos building inspectors will inspect your property to collect samples of the suspected asbestos containing material based on the scope of work.  We take samples of each suspect material to an independent licensed and certified laboratory to be analyzed for asbestos.  It takes as little as two hours to find out if you have asbestos containing material.

We put all of your results into a formal report so that you can have it for your records and if you have asbestos containing material you can provide our report to an abatement company to have it abated.  We are independent experts in our field and are not connected in anyway to contractors or abatement companies.  We are a resource for you to answer questions and provide unbiased guidance through an asbestos abatement process.  Additionally, we can test for lead paint. 

Clear Water, Lead Paint Detection in Highlands Ranch, CO

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